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Testimonial: “I was running out of H1B time and needed to extend my stay in the US. An MD friend who got his O visa, J1 waiver and eventually Green Card through Jeffries and Associates highly recommended them. Stephen reviewed my CV and gave me 3 different options when I thought I had none. Literally six weeks after the initial phone consultation I received my O-petition approval notice by USCIS!” – A.S.

Success story: A J-1 physician was close to the end of his last year of his internal medicine residency and was extremely worried about bringing his US citizen child back to his home country for two years. We were able to articulate the hardship the child would face in his home country and obtained a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement. Since beneficiaries of hardship and persecution waivers are precluded from changing status inside the US, the beneficiary could only obtain an employment visa (H-1B or O-1) abroad. The physician was very hesitant about leaving the United States, even with a waiver approval, and by helping the physician file a Health Professional Shortage Area/ National Interest Waiver EB-2 immigrant petition concurrently with his adjustment of status, our office was able to secure work authorization for the physician, enabling him to commence his post-residency position without ever having to leave the United States. Several months later the physician obtained his green card.

Testimonial: “No words are enough to thank Mr. Jeffries and all the team for their professional work, experience in immigration matters, and excellent results. Mr. Jeffries and all his team are always available to advise and assist when needed, and that was experienced by me as well as by many other friends and colleagues all across the nation. The advice is always honest and with the experience Mr. Jeffries and his associates have, will always lead to successful applications. Again this is not only a personal experience, but one that many physician colleagues across the nation have experienced. They are one of the best in the nation if not the best.” – F.A.

Testimonial: “Thanks for all your great work! I will be definitely recommend your office to other physicians especially after the horrible experience that I had with the previous attorney!” – S.E

Success story: A foreign medical graduate (FMG) who only graduated from medical school in 2010 retained our office to pursue her green card in 2014. The FMG was able to secure a position as a researcher at an esteemed institution in the United States, however the FMG wanted to pursue her career as a physician in the United States and not only as a researcher. She knew the consequences associated with a clinical J-1 visa, and needed her green card prior to starting her residency. The FMG needed an approval quickly in order to meet the deadline for her residency application, and through premium processing, we were able to secure an approval in the EB-1 category allowing the FMG to pursue her medical career in the United States without having to worry about the J-1 two-year home residency requirement, or any kind of employer sponsorship.

Success story: A physician specializing in a relatively new pediatric specialty retained our office to pursue permanent residency. The physician’s credentials objectively may not have seemed overwhelming as her publication and research record was sparse, but through meticulous preparation of the case, highlighting the novelty and cutting-edge nature of the physician’s clinical work, our office was able to overcome a Notice of Intent to Deny from USCIS, and obtain an approval in the EB-1 extraordinary ability category enabling the physician to obtain a green card and no longer rely on an employer for her status, allowing her to pursue the employment she truly desired.

Success story: Appeal won after the AAO agreed with our stance that the foreign national’s signing bonus should be taken into account in determining the employer’s ability to pay the offered wage, after the case was previously denied, both in the initial filing and after a motion to reopen. Refusal to give up on the case resulted in a great benefit for the beneficiary and the employer.

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