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Physicians are subject to a number of unique provisions relating to their eligibility for visa issuance. Also because of the nature of U.S. licensing for medical doctors, physicians often obtain either J-1 visas or H-1B visas for substantial periods of time before they can actually practice medicine in the U.S. This in itself may impose special burdens on the physicians’ desire to be in the U.S. beyond training. At Jeffries & Corigliano, LLP we have unique experience in developing strategies and preparing petitions for the BCIS to meet the physicians’ needs.

Our office is highly experienced in preparing H-1B visa petitions both for clinical and non-clinical responsibilities. We are also highly experienced in dealing with problems with physicians who approach their sixth year of H-1B eligibility and have implemented a number of strategies to extend H-1s for seven years and beyond. We also have expertise in alternatives for the H-1 physician reaching his final year of H-1B eligibility including change applications to O-1, EB-1, and NIW petitions with simultaneous filing of adjustment of status.

For physicians who have training on J-1s, we are able to offer concrete advice on the fulfilling the J-1 obligations as well as all of the strategies for waiver of the foreign residency requirements including interested government agency waivers, research waivers, persecution waivers, and hardship waivers. We also can recommend strategies that pertain to the J-2.

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I was running out of H1B time and needed to extend my stay in the US. An MD friend who got his O visa, J1 waiver and eventually Green Card through Jeffries and Associates highly recommended them. Stephen reviewed my CV and gave me 3 different options when I thought I had none. Literally six weeks...


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