Times Square, 2007
Excellence in an immigration law firm is measured by its ability to serve its clients effectively and with integrity. Founded in 1980, SJA quickly gained an international reputation for assisting medical doctors, scientists, and researchers achieve their immigration goals. SJA has also developed an expertise involving businesspeople, academics, and computer engineers of extraordinary ability. Our clients include corporations, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, hospitals, biotech organizations, financial institutions, technology companies, start-up companies, business entrepreneurs and individual clients. Today, we have over twenty-five attorneys and paralegals working to provide our clients with swift and superior service.
SJA strives to provide superior service to our clients by closely monitoring immigration law as it shifts to reflect current bills, legislation and international trends. We consider each client's specific long-term goals when crafting an immigration approach and ultimate strategy. SJA's experienced attorneys are able to effectively frame and communicate complex cases in order to meet our clients' goals. We are able to adapt easily and quickly to the individual challenges of each case. SJA is well positioned with a unique knowledge of immigration law, as we have watched this area change and evolve for over twenty-five years.
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